Hotel Revenue Development

Consulting with faculty and advisors throughout the freshman and sophomore years helps students refine their interests and goals. As juniors, students choose a 15-credit industry concentration. Specialized study in the subfield of hotel and tourism develops skills and knowledge with immediate application to the field of interest. Students select one area of focus from the following concentrations for the B.S. in Hotel and Tourism Management.
Event Management
Learn to manage all aspects of planning and executing major special events, including conventions, conferences, and trade shows, with an emphasis on their growing scope, frequency, economic importance, financial challenges, and geopolitical and cultural considerations.
Hotel Development
Students learn to address the 21st-century needs and realities of hotel developers through exposure to current and emerging models of lodging finance, development, and investment. An entrepreneurial approach is taken in the form of site inspections to mixed-use development facilities and guest lectures by lodging industry executives who discuss development trends and analyses.
Marketing and Revenue Management
Focused on managing brand, customer, and revenue strategies in today’s hotel business, learn to utilize revenue management models to maximize profits, the value of pricing and forecasting, how to optimize promotion and distribution channels, and measure value and loyalty.
Organizations and Operations
Students interested in leading hotel and tourism organizations benefit from in-depth knowledge of the sector, including types of lodging venues (boutique, casino, private club, resort hotel), the current expansion of subsidiary operations (fitness centers, food and beverage outlets, spas), and the redevelopment of facilities for mixed-use (hotels and condominiums, stadiums and restaurants, tourist destinations, and convention centers).
Tourism Development
Focus on managing and marketing current and newly developed tourism products and destinations. You learn all aspects of entrepreneurial tourism development through investigation of cultural, economic, and demand functions that affect modern tourism promotion and progress. Special emphasis is placed on the economic value of a tourism destination and the cultural values of its people.